the bandoliers

  • "Thanks so much music was fantastic.. Sharon & John Enniskillen"
  • "Band were class..had everybody dancing.. Gary & Emma Belfast"
  • "Great music all night and the boys in the band have been so helpful.. Shane & Louise Newcastle "
  • "Great music, great craic.. Adrian & Amanda Ballymena"

Nike Free 4.0 Womens

Nike provides free Flyknit sneakers 4.0 women in a new white / multicolor color of the summer of 2014 from last summer's bubblegum pop back to their color, weave knit multicolor own comparative optical white laces, soles and accents, along with bright blue fender and a black whirlwind. You can choose from Nike retailers including SUPPA pick up sneakers.

Flyknit latest masterpiece from the cyclone at hand, a lightweight design, the natural priority of movement and breathability without affecting the stability or support. Following the first three shots of color classification, today brought a better look at one of these: Nike Free 4.0 Womens TR Flyknit bright crimson.

Orange and red combined on a full weave the black whirlwind and laces, and in the bottom black to white gradient shift offset just above the solid white free sole. Boots peeking from a collar, but - solid orange complementary - a sock-like fit for added support and warmth.

Find Nike Free 4.0 Womens TR Flyknit bright crimson released April 2, along two initial offerings. Currently, it is unclear if this so-called far women's coach will have no exclusive men's version.

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